"Survey at Hwy 155 in Extreme NE Henry Co. at
                                  Old Flat Rock in Nov. 1990"

In November 1990, our group did a survey at a site along Hwy 155 in extreme NE Henry County
near the DeKalb County line.  The site was reported by the people
who live in the area as they had found some Civil War artifacts.  This would have been in the area
where the Confederates under Gen. Wheeler me the Union forces under Gen. Garrard in July 28-29,
1864 at Flat Rock.  The engagement was spread over the area from where Snapfinger Creek meets
the South River to east of the Shoals bridge. The line of skirmishing would have followed the road
back to Latimer's which is Belmont today.
At this site we looked for  four days and found artifacts from the Civil War to indicate that fighting
had occurred in the area.  This area is along a high ridge about one half a mile south of the  river.  This
would have been an excellent area to station an artillery piece.  From the artifacts discovered at the
site artillery was fired at this point.
This site would be a position in the overall engagement area of Flat Rock.
Artifacts recovered with metal detecting devices and screen sifting methods are as follows:
1. 6 fired .58 cal bullets
2. 5 pcs of shell fragments
3. 1 gun tool
4. 1 knapsack buckle
5. melted lead pcs.

References :

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