"Cavalry Attack at Bear Creek Station"

November  16, 1864, Murray's Brigade of Gen. Hugh J. Kilpatrick USA, attacked the advanced
guard of Gen. Iverson's CSA Cavalry at Lovejoy Station about four miles to the north of Bear Creek
Station.  Iverson's Cavalry had been driven south from Lovejoy to Bear Creek where he halted to
regroup his outnumbered command.  Iverson had quickly posted his men behind light rail barricades
when Atkins brigade  took the lead of Murray's Division.  Atkins cavalry charged with the 10th Ohio
and broke through the weak defenses and captured approximately 200 prisoners and Gen. Iverson
retired to Griffin with his men to join Gen. Smith who was there guarding Griffin.  The Union Cavalry
turned east and Kilpatrick's Division camped just SW of McDonough for the evening and joined the
15th Corps the next day.


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