"The March to the  Sea Keys Ferry to Camp at Worthville"

November 17, 1864, Sherman's Right Wing moved from McDonough enroute to Planter's Factory to
make a crossing of the Ocmulgee River.  To relieve the heavily
congested Jackson Road, Smith's Division of Blairs 17th Corps with the 1st Missouri
Engineers took the pontoon train and moved east from McDonough on the Keys Ferry  Road.  On
the night of November 17, 1864, Smith's Division camped north of Worthville in extreme SE Henry
By the next day November 18, 1864 the Division with the  pontoon train had moved
through Iron Springs to Planters Factory by afternoon. They had covered a distance of roughly 12
miles.  The two pontoon bridges were up and running with the  Right Wing
making the crossing into Jasper County.


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