Dr. Lewis M. Tye
Dr. Tye came to McDonough as a youngster with John Stillwell from Mecklenburg County N.C.  He
was born on August 10, 1821.  He went to school at the Medical College of Augusta, GA and came
home to McDonough to begin his practice.  He married Mary Ann Crockett, the daughter of John
Crockett, on November 30, 1856. Dr. Tye also bought the Amasa Spencer house in 1856.  He was
widely thought of and respected in McDonough.  He would work out a letter with the Union Army in
1864 as the Right Wing approached McDonough.  He would treat the sick and wounded if they
agreed not to burn McDonough.  His diplomacy worked as only one home was destroyed on the
eastern side of town. The home of Daniel Nolley.  After the war Dr. Tye was selected to the Georgia
General Assembly twice.  And in 1877 was chosen by the people of the 34th Senatorial District to
help mold a new Constitution for Georgia as Reconstruction was drawing to a close.  Dr. Tye passed
away on March 11, 1880 and was laid to rest in the McDonough Cemetery.  His home would remain
in the Tye Family until 1940 when it was purchased by D.T. Carmichael.  Dr. Lewis M. Tye was a
great man from McDonough who made a tremendous difference in his community.

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