"Missing Georgia Historical Markers"

There are at least three Georgia Historical Markers placed by the Georgia Historical
Commission in 1957 that are missing in Henry County.  These markers show the
path of the Right Wing of Sherman's Army as it conducted the March to the Sea.
The Union Army came through Henry County  in November 1864.
This is a shame for these markers to be missing.  For some reason  either through
theft, vandalism, or neglect the markers are gone.  If anyone knows the where abouts of the missing
markers 2 from Stockbridge and 1 from Keys Ferry Rd please contact the Georgia Historical Society
at whanley@georgiahistory.com he takes care of the missing and broken historical markers of Georgia.
Text For Missing Markers
Update: The Civil War Marker that was missing on
North Henry Blvd. in front of the Stockbridge Methodist Church has been replaced.
The marker and the pedestal are back as of recent in front of the Church.  It looks like
the original marker.  It was probably taken down during construction work in the area
and was never put back.  It is good to see the historical marker returned about the
engagement at Old Stockbridge during the Civil War.
Update on the missing marker at Valley Hill Road and Hwy 42 in Stockbridge, GA.

The missing marker has recently been replaced at the corner of Valley Hill Road
and Hwy 42 on the northeast corner.  It is good to see the marker put back in place.
This is the first marker in Henry County as you enter just below the Clayton County
Line on Hwy 42.
Update: 2/27/2012 The Missing Civil War Marker at Hwy 42 & Valley Hill Road

Several months back there was an accident that took down the Historical Marker for the March to
the Sea at Hwy 42 & Valley Hill Road.  At the time the only thing that looked damaged was the post
that held up the marker.  The marker is the first one as you enter Henry County to describe the route
of the famous March to the Sea by Sherman's Right Wing led by O.O. Howard.  The march
occurred in November 1864.

In the history of the county, this is one of the greatest disaster to come here.  The army finished what
had been started in July 1864.  This was an uncalled for act of destruction by an army of any kind.  
And the Marker should be replaced as soon as possible.  It is not known if the Marker is with the
Henry County D.O.T. or the Georgia D.O.T.  We are also advising the Georgia Historical Society in
the matter as they are the watchdogs of the historical markers in the State.  More updates will be
coming as needed from the CRG & B&M Civil War Research Group.