"These are the Confederate Veterans Who
                                  Were Bestowed the Southern Cross of Honor
                                   by the United Daughters of the Confederacy
                                   of Henry County  1908-1922"

Crosses of Honor were bestowed to Confederate Veterans, their oldest living lineal
descendants, and only the Confederate Veteran may wear the Cross.  Veterans had to
be certified by their records with the U.C.V. Camp Commander and Adjutant of the Camp and two
Confederate members signatures.
The list below are those receiving the honor in Henry County.

1. M. E. Berry    Co. B 51st Reg of Ala Cav
2. N. L. Brown   Co. B 44th Reg GA Vol
3. W.H. Bryan    Co B 2nd Batt Cav Reg GA
4. R.J. Culpepper  Co. B 45th Reg GA
5. J. A. Copeland  Co. B 2nd Batt Cav
6. J. B. Grant        Co. I  44th  Reg Ga Vol
7. J.H. Hunt          Co. I 44 th Reg Ga Vol
8. J. W. Harper      Co. H 27th Reg Ga Vol
9. A. G. Harris        Co. B. 2nd Batt Reg Ga Res. Cobb's Div
10. E. S. McGarity   Co. B 2nd Ga Batt Cav
11. F.J. Nail            Co. H 27th Reg. Ga Vol
12. S.M. Oglesby     Co. G 19th Reg GA Vol
13. John W. Riley     Co. B 2nd Batt Cav Reg Ga Res
14. H.M. Russett       Co. B 2nd Batt Cav Ga Vol
15. W.A. Simpson     Co. B 2nd Batt Reg Ga Res
16. I. B. Simmons      Co. I  14th Reg Ala Vol
17. J. W. Roundtree    Co. B 2nd Batt Cav Ga Vol
18. M.L. Brown           Co. 8 44th GA Vol
19. J.A. Cook             Co. C 63rd GA Vol
20. Jas. E. England       Co. K 6th Reg Ga
21. G.S. Elliott              Co. G  19th Ga
22. W.A. Hooten           Co. I 44th Ga Vol
23. W.E. Jenkins            Co. D 44th Ga Vol
24. H.H. Kelley              Co.G 19th Ga
25. J.A. McDonald          Co. B 2nd Ga Batt
26. Jno. A. McGarity       Co. K 22nd Ga Vol
27. B.W. Nail                  Co. H 27th  GA Vol
28. J.M. Rape                  Co. F 53rd Ga Vol
29. E.S. Sewell                 Co. F 53rd Ga Vol
30. W.A. Stewart               Co. B Hampton Cav
31. H.H. Stewart                Co. G Cobb's Div
32. L.H. Thompson             Co. K 22nd Ga Vol
33. W.A. Turner                  Co. H 27th Ga Vol
34. G.G. Weems                  Co. A 44th Ga Vol
35 A.E. Brown                    Co. B 5th Reg GA
36. A. Borders                     Co. E. 2nd GA Res
37. C.W. Dupree                  Co.D 6th Ga
38. J.T. Duffey                     Co.A 3rd State Troupe
39. E. English                        Co. A 3rd Ga Res
40. S. E. Glass                       Co. B 2nd Ga Batt
41. C.A. McKibben                  Co. B 2nd Batt Ga Res
42. J.M. Patterson                    Co. H. 1st & 7th Inf
43. J.W. Patterson                    Co. B 16th Batt Cav
44. T.R. Stewart                        Co.H 3rd Ga Res
45. L.W. Turner                         Co. H 27th Ga Vol
46. J.F. Whitaker                        Co. H 3rd Reg State Troupe
47. I.B. Bryans                            Co. H 27th Ga
48. F.A. Cox                                Co. H. 27th GA
49. G.M. Chafin                            Co. H 27th Ga
50. H.S. Elliott                              Co. G 19th Reg
51. T.M. Goss                                Co.A 44th Ga   
52. W.H. Harper                            Co.H 27th Ga
53. A.B. Lane                                Co. F 42nd Ga
54. R.W.J. Nail                               Co. H. 27th Ga
55. W.J. St. John                            Co. H 27th Ga
56. F.J. Sowell                                 Co.F 53rd Ga
57. M.V. Sowell                               Co. A 44th Ga
58. M.D. Smith                                 Co. F 42nd Ga
59. G.J. Thurston                             Co. Ga 3rd Reg State Troupe
60. David Wilson                               Co. K 22nd Ga
61. J.M. Rivers                                   Gibson's Artillery
62. W.T. Stroud                                  Co. B 53rd Ga
63. A.W. Turner                                  Co. K Maj. Cummings Comm.
64. T.J. Bledsoe                                  Co. E 5th Ga Vol
65. T.G. Campbell                              Co. F 2nd Ga Cav
66. J.C. Daniel                                    Co.E. 38th Ga Vol
67. G.M. Hays                                    Co. B 22nd Batt Ga Res
68. Eno. W. Hinton                              Co. F 9th Ga Vol
69. J.A. Jackson                                  Co. I 44th Ga Vol
70. W.T. Lassetter                                Co. G 3rd Ga Res
71. Chas. T. Zachry                               Co.H 27th Ga Vol
72. Henry F. Green                                Co. K 22nd Ga Reg
73. S.P. Green                                       Co. K 22nd Ga Reg
74. B.C. Branan                                     Co. B 2nd Ga
75. A.D. Pace                                         Co. B 2nd GA
76. W.A. Gardner                                     Co. K. 22nd REG
77. J.K.P. Owen                                      Co. B 2nd Ga
78. G.W. Jenkins                                      Co. H 3rd Ga
79. L.D. Tarpley                                       Co.F 53rd GA
80. J.J. Brannan                                      Co. F 53rd Ga
81. J.T. Davis                                          Co. H 3rd GA
82. H. T. Colvin                                        Co. H 17th Miss
83. J.A. Simpson                                      Co. K 22nd Ga Vol
84. E.A. Bowden                                       Co. G 19th Ga Vol
85. John Boatner                                       Co.M Phillips Legion
86. J.P. Martin                                          Co. G 53rd Ga
87. W.T. Mosley                                         Co. G 17th Ga
88. P.H. Nail                                              Co. H 27th Ga
89. C. Upchurch                                          Co. H 3rd Ga
90. Ike Whitaker                                           Co. F  53rd Ga
91. J.M. Lindsey                                          Co. H 27th Reg
92. Jas. F. Berry                                           Co. F 42 Reg
93. J.C. Daniel                                              Co. E 38th Oglethorpe Reg
94. J.J. Pricket                                              Co. F Lees Batt
95. W.A. Miles                                               Co. O. Phillips Legion
96. J.P. Cowan                                               Co. B 53rd Ga
97. A. B. Cawthan                                          Co. B 53rd Ga
98. D.B. Morgan                                             Co. D 7th Reg
99. J.M. Blankinship                                         Co. F 4th Ga Vol
100. W.C. Hamilton                                         Co. I Worfords Brig Grahams Batt
101. J.S. Harper                                               Co. B 2nd Batt
102. W.B. Bartlett                                             Co. F 2nd Ga
103. Wm. Anderson                                           Co. D 19th Ga Reg