Battle Creek Rd at Hwy 54
                                              Survey 1986

This area was proposed  for construction and the owner allowed us to examine the property for  five
days in April 1986.  The area was just north of the Battle of Jonesboro that took place on August 31,
1864 & Sept. 1, 1864.  The railroad was just east of this site.  The area had likely been a camp for
U.S. Soldiers due to the artifacts recovered from the site.  Metal detection devices and screening  
methods were used.  A grid search was conducted of the area in 50ft by 50ft sections.  Sector A, B,
C, D, and E were identified.  All artifacts were tagged, mapped, and shipped for analysis.  The NPS
was also involved for research purposes.
Artifacts Recovered:

(A) 3 fired .58 cal Bullets                 (B) 8 dropped .58 cal bullets
   2 shell fragments                             6 dropped .69 cal balls
   1 harmonica parts                          15 unused percussion caps
   2 Eagle US buttons                           1 US bayonet
   2 .36 cal balls                                  3 shell fragments
                                                         8 shell fuses

(C) 1 US Breast plate                        (D) 2 picket pins
   2 lead poker chips                             1 dropped .69 cal ball
   1 fragment cooking pot                      1 1859 half dollar
   1 Sharps barrel                                 2 pocket knives
                                                          1 part of spectacles

(E) 2 fired .58 cal bullets
   1 solid shot 12 pounder
   2 brass US box plates
   1 artillery insignia brass US

The artifacts were in nice condition and the owner held us to a strict five day limit.
We did experience some vandalism of the site while the search was being conducted
by others at night.  But the site did give a good glimpse of some of the back posts that were close to
the action at Jonesboro.  Close enough to be fired upon.

1. O.R. Records Washington DC.
2. Atlas of the Civil War, 1898.
3. The Last Train from Atlanta, 1956.
4. Old Newspapers of the Period.
5. Atlanta Archives Downtown.