B & M Civilwar
Research Group
The B & M Civilwar Research Group.

Our goal is to bring forth the factual accounts of the Civil War activities in Henry
County.  We were formed in October 2007 and our group consist's of a lead
with over thirty five years experience in Civil War archaeology and research to his
name.  Our group is a branch of the Cemetery Research Group of Henry County.
Anyone can be a contributor or member  of the group without any dues or claims
to fame.  As we complete and document sites we will post here and publish the
information in our monthly newsletter.  We will be researching the skirmishes,
foraging parties and the people of the time here in Henry County.  It always takes a
good amount of time to properly research sites. For example: one site that is being
researched has been a work in progress for nearly thirty years. We will not only be
looking any one area but Henry County as a whole because the entire county
in one way or another.
Skirmish at Flat Rock
General Garrard Back To Flat Rock
Foraging Via Flat Rock
Sloan/Zachry House
March To The Sea At Stockbridge GA
Col. Zachry's House At Peachstone Shoals
Civil War Action At Lovejoy Station GA From July to
November 1864
The March To The Sea At Locust Grove GA
The March To The Sea At McDonough GA
The Shingle Roof Campground
Cannon Found In Cotton Indian Creek
Cavalry Action At Bear Creek Station
Keys Ferry Camp
Missing GA Historical Markers
Henry Co. Link To The Great Locomotive Chase
Henry Co War Efforts
Camp Site East Of Fairview Community
C.S. Hospital In McDonough 1864
Hwy 81 E Militia Camp
Old Atlanta Rd Militia Camp SE Of Stockbridge
The Southern Cross Of Honor
The Confederate Monument In McDonough, GA
Shields Road Site
Noahs Ark Road Site
Weapons Of The Civil War
The McDonough Baptist Church (Civil War Era)
The Forgotten Raid Of 1865
Elizabeth Springs Site (Glen Haven Dekalb CO. GA)
Rough & Ready
Turner Church Road Site
NW Henry County Skirmish Site (March To The Sea)
Timber Ridge Church Site
The Old Hastings Farm Site (Clayton County GA)
Mill Road Site
First Companies To Serve From Henry County
The Gen. Hood at Lovejoy & Gen. Sherman
at Atlanta Letters of Sept. 1864
The Battle Of Jonesboro GA
Archaeological Surveys Of The
Battle Of Jonesboro GA 1986-1987
Confederate Cemetery Jonesboro GA
Civilian Leaders of the Civil War
Hudsonbridge Rd & Flippen Rd Site
Reeves Creek Union Camp Site
North Shore Drive Site (Lake Spivey Area)
Hwy 42 At Conley Site
Henry County's Connection To Stone Mountain
Hwy 155 at Fairview Rd Camp Site
Hwy 155 at Old Flat Rock 1990
Hearn RD Site Part Of Flat Rock 1990
Old Dixie Hwy At Frontage RD Site
Intrenchment Creek Battle Of Atlanta Site
Stockbridge Prisoners of War 1864
East Atlanta Road C.S.A. Camp Site
Johnston's River Line Survey 1987
North East Henry County Family Claims
From Henry To Gettysburg;
From Gettysburg To Henry
The Lost Mountain Site
Latimer's Site DeKalb County
Col. Charles T. Zachry Rangers Flag
Upton's Creek Union Camp Site Clayton County
East Atlanta Union Artillery Site
Confederate Currency
Civil War Troop Movements
The State Seals Of The Confederacy
Flakes Mill Road Site
Butler's Bridge Site (Newton CO)
Butler's Bridge Site (Henry CO)
Spring Street Site (McDonough)
James Creek Site
East Milstead Yellow River Site (Rockdale County)
Conyers Site The Left Wing
Peace Memorial at Gettysburg Connection to Henry County GA
Col. William H Peebles M.D. (Bear Creek)
High Falls Before, During, After The Civil War
Sherman's Right Wing at Liberty Church and Indian
Springs ( Butts County)
Andersonville Prison Camp
Site South of Chickamauga Battlefield
Mufreesboro TN Stones River Site
Site at Resaca
Tribute to the Dead
The Brothers Zachry
Old Atlanta Road North of Stockbridge
Henry County & Reconstruction
Dr. Lewis M. Tye of McDonough,GA
Clayton / Henry County Line Site SW of Lovejoy
Battlecreek Road Site (Clayton County)
Jodeco At Noah's Ark Road Site
Flippen Site
Walt Stephens Site
Shadnor Church (Union City)
Judge A. G. Harris The Last Confederate
Veteran of Henry County GA
Brannan Road Site
Historic Lovejoy Georgia
The Nail Brothers of Henry County
C.S.Camp West of McDonough
Way To War
Viewpoints In History
Civil War Newspapers
New Lincoln Pennies
The Thompson Brothers of Henry County GA
Sherman's Supply Train Battle of Atlanta
Camp Site South of McDonough
Camp Site West of Hwy 155
Camp Site North Clayton & Henry Line
Battle of Ezra Church
McDonough Site Jonesboro Road
The Outbreak of War
Europeans Feeling of U.S. Civil War
The Nash Farm Lovejoy Report.
The Davis Road Site
Flippen & Waltstephens Road Site
Panola Road Site
Old Dixie Hwy Site
Pates Creek Site
Union Camp Site at Flat Shoal Church
Union Camp Site at Hwy 155 North.
4th Kentucky Infantry, Some of
the Men that Served in this unit.
William Henry F. Lee (Son
of Gen. Robert E. Lee)
Colored Troops In The War
Evilness of the March to the Sea
Georgia's List of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil
CivilWar Find In The Grant House
Burial Details