Brannan Road Site

A very small site was found on the west side of Brannan  Road just north of N. Salem Road.  The
property ower had found a small site some years earlier.  Our group went to the site and worked for
three days.  Metal detection devices and some screening was done.  The site was determined to be
CS.  From all indications the site was a small site set up to be in advance of the on coming  Union
Army during the March to the Sea.  There were elements of the 17th Corps under Gen. Francis Blair
that passed through this area.

Artifacts Recovered:
1. 4 dropped .58 cal bullets
2. 2 dropped .69 cal. balls
3. 2 lead CS buttons
4. 1 CS buckle
5. cooking utensils
The artifacts were tagged and packaged and sent for further study.

1. O.R. Records , Washington DC.
2. Atlas of the Civil War.