"Butler's Bridge Site-Henry County Side"

The area on the Henry County side of the Butler's Bridge.  In the Civil War days it was a ferry.  The
area at the South River was examined in 1987.  An area about 1,500 feet from the old bridge to the
NW was the site of a CS earthwork for the area.  This was probably put in place to guard the
western approach to the ferry.  The site was examined for three days.  Metal detection devices and
screening was involved.  The site measured 25 feet long and 25 feet long at a right angle.  Some
artifacts were discovered.
1. 3 dropped .58 cal bullets
2. 1 CS button
3. Digging tools
4. 1 dropped .69 cal ball
The artifacts were tagged and shipped.  This site was set-up by the Confederates to
slow the progress of the Union Army in November 1864.  The site would be a crossing
area into Newton County from Henry County.
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