"Butler's Bridge Site-Newton County Side"

This area on the east side of the South River is very high land.  The large hilly area
would provide an excellent observation post for the CS Army to watch the movements
of the Union Army approach to the river.  An area of dug out land with stone encirclement was
discovered.  We can not say for sure but it was possible that artillery
could have been positioned at this location.  Again we used metal detection devices and screen
methods at this site.  We were limited to a two day search of the area by the landowner.  Some
artifacts were recovered at this site.

Artifacts List:
1. 3 dropped .69 call balls
2. 1 CS Buckle
3. 1 State Militia button
4. Melted lead
5. Fragment of an eye piece
The artifacts were tagged and shipped.

1. O.R. Records Washington DC
2. Official Atlas of the Civil War