"Civil War Troop Movements"

During the study of any war, people often wonder how much area was involved.  The Civil War is no
exception.  In the following sequence of maps provided by C.S. Hammond Co. will show these troop
movements from 1861-1865.  The first map
shows the years 1861 and 1862 together.  This was the time of the Confederate States of America
when they dominated most of the battles in which they were involved.  The Union Army was bringing
itself together but was looking for a General
to be it's over all commander in the field.  In the next map of 1863, you will see the Union Army has
made advancements into the southern lands. They had even worked
to split the Confederate west from the east along the Mississippi River.  The Union Navy held the high
seas as they did throughout the war.  The South managed to have some ships that made concerns as
blockade runners. This was also the time of the iron clads.  The South made a penetration into the
north by going into Pennsylvania at Gettysburg and the loss of the huge Battle of Gettysburg of July
1-3, 1863.
In the 1864 map, the Union had made it's big push into the south.  Sherman made his big push
through the  heart of Dixie by cutting across Georgia.  The Confederate held
territory continued to shrink.  In the 1865 map, you will see that the Union Army had
domination over the whole country again and the war was over by April.  These maps
show a good view of how it took the Union Army  nearly five years to cut into the stronghold of the