McDonough-Camp on Southside
                                       Survey 1987

There was a Union campsite discovered at a point some 1500 feet southwest of the intersection of
Hwy 155 and Hwy 42.  The site was likely a camp of the advance guard of Union troops on the
March to the Sea in November 1864.  The site yielded some artifacts.  Also, on the property was
an old log style home in ruin condition.
Metal detection devices were used and screening was accomplished.

Artifacts found:
1. 16 .69 cal balls dropped
2. 1 US bayonet (undamaged)
3. 1 US breastplate (undamaged)
4. 1 US box plate
5. 1 Jews harp
6. 10 dropped .58 cal bullets
7. 1 silver framed picture case
8. 1 part of a gold pocket watch and Union fob
9. 4 1860 half dollars
10. 2 Eagle buttons

For some unknown reason these very good artifacts were left and were never found.  They were  
catalogued and boxed for B.D.  This was an excellent site according to our group leader.  There
may be more here but time limits were placed on the search.

1. O.R. Records Washington DC.
2. Atlas of the Civil War.
3. Records of O.O. Howard, 1864.