Campsite just W Hwy 155
There was a small campsite found just west of Hwy 155 north of Mays Rd.  The area was surveyed
in the Fall of 1988.  The site was a small Union Site likely to be from the foraging expedition in the
NE Henry County area of October 1864.  The site was surveyed with metal detection devices and
screening was also part of the process.  Some artifacts were recovered.

Artifacts recovered:

1. 15 dropped .58 cal bullets (likely in a bag)
2. 5 dropped .69 cal bullets
3. 1 bullet mold
4. 2 picket pins
5. 1 Eagle US button
6. tin of percussion caps

These items were catalogued and sent for further study to B.D.  The group leader did form the
opinion that this was a campsite for Union Soldiers.

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