Clayton-Henry County Line Site
                                     SW of Lovejoy  Survey 1980

The area at the Henry-Clayton County line just southwest of Lovejoy along Lovejoy Rd a campsite
was investigated in 1980 for four days.  The area was a Confederate campsite and had shown signs of
being searched before.  There were some artifacts found from the Civil War era using metal detection
devices and screen methods.  The land was farmed for years and was now pasture land.

Artifacts found:
1. 4 dropped .69 cal balls
2. 2 lead poker chips
3. 1 CS (homemade button)
4. Harmonica fragments
5. 1 shell (intact 12 pound)
6. 1 carved .58 cal. bullet
7. 1 barrel .36 cal. pistol.

These artifacts were marked and packed for shipping for further analysis.  The site was part of the
engagements in and around Lovejoy Station during the summer and fall of 1864.

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