"Hwy 42 at Conley Site"
                                            Survey 1981

We had gotten word that a man had been finding some lead balls on his property in the extreme
southern part of DeKalb County. The property is along Conley Creek and is just west of the
railroad tracks.  Four of our group went to the  site and were allowed to look as lon as we wish.  
The site was very rugged and along the side of a hill.  Very large rocks in the area were made of
Metal detection devices were used.  The interesting feature about this site was the amount of fired
bullets recovered.  The old road bed crossed the property and the old pilings for the bridge across
the creek could be seen.  The Union forces had moved through this location several times as well
as the Confederate forces. General S. D.
Lee CSA had moved through this area a couple of times and one time was to cover the retreat of
General Hood CSA from Atlanta.  We looked on the property for five days and discovered a
variety of artifacts.  This location in relation to the road would have been an excellent snipers nest
among the rocks.  This could explain the amount of fired bullets found at the site.

Artifacts Found:
1. 36 fired .58 cal bullets
2. 21 fired .69 cal balls
3. 7 dropped .58 cal bullets
4. 2 Eagle Buttons (Union)
5. Half a bayonet
6. Knapsack hook
7. Several farm implements
8. Partial had pin (Union)


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