"Conyers Site-Left Wing of Sherman's Army"

Our group was invited to a private residence on the southside of the Old Town of
Conyers to examine the  property in 1987. The home owner had dug up several
Civil War Ear bullets and asked if we would examine the yard.  We were on the scene for seven
days.  The area of artifacts were in the rear of the property.  It is likely the artifacts extended into
adjoining properties but access was denied and their wishes were granted.  Metal detecting devices
and some screening was used at the site as we agreed to limit the damage to the property.  The
homeowner had found 10 dropped .69 cal
Items recovered:
1. 5 dropped .69 cal balls.
2. 6 dropped .58 cal bullets
3. 1 US box plate
4. 1 picket pin
5. 1 Rossette (US)
6. 2 knapsacks hooks
7. 2 Williams cleaner bullets
8. 1 pocket knife
9. 4 flattened lead poker chips
10. 1 US Eagle button
11. 1 gun tool
These artifacts were marked and labeled for shipping.  The site was evident that it
was a campsite for a portion of the Left Wing of Sherman's Army during the March
to the Sea.

1. Biography of W.T. Sherman, March to the Sea.
2. O.R. Washington D.C.
3. Official Civil War Atlas.
4. Notes of Wilbur Kurtz, AHS.