"Cannon found at Cotton Indian Creek
                             at Hwy 20 Bridge east of McDonough"

This event was recollected to me by a lifelong citizen of the Kelleytown area back in 1974.  A cannon
barrel was found on the north side of the Hwy 20 bridge at the Cotton Indian Creek NE of
McDonough in the 1940's.  Mules were used to drag the artillery piece from the water.  There was
also about half a sword found in the same
area of bottom land along the  creek that day.  No one knows the whereabouts of the gun barrel after
it was removed from the creek.  It is possible the property owner of the time retained it but it is not
known.  The roadway is the old Peachstone Shoals Road and these artifacts are likely some lost by
Union Raiders in 1864 as they were passing through the area.


1. Longtime Kelleytown Resident.
2. Henry Co. Weekly Advertiser.