CSA Camp West of McDonough
                                             Survey  1980

This site is north of Hwy 20 & 81 just before Phillips Drive.  The area is farmed today and has been
since the camp was created there for part of General Wheeler’s advanced guard of men the night
General Hood camped in and around the township of McDonough.  Over the years several items had
been found here from the Civil War.  The area was examined for four days in 1980.  There were
metal detection devices and screening  methods used.

Artifacts found:
1. 14 dropped .58 cal bullets
2. 10 dropped .36 cal pistol balls
3. 5 CSA coat buttons
4. 1 CSA Captain insignia
5. 2 lead poker chips
6. 1 brass sword hilt CS
7. 1 pistol barrel .36 cal.
8. 4 knapsack hooks
9. 4 picket pins
10. CS ammo box plate

All items had been stirred around from farming.  All items labeled and packet for shipment.  The
analysis shows this site likely was a CS camp of a detachment of General Wheeler who was camped
west of the heart of the town of McDonough.  Wheeler was camped just off the square in a NE to
SW formation.
This field research was important to historical research of the area.

1. The Cavalry Operations, Nye, 1941.
2. O.R. Records, Washington D.C.
3. Official Civil War Atlas.

Update on this site:
The area today is home to a very large Apartment Complex built in the 1990’s.
The site is lost forever.