Davis Road-Stockbridge Campsite

There was a site located on Davis Road in Stockbridge.  Some artifacts were found on the ground.  The site was
just north of Brush Creek.  The area was in the path of the March to the Sea in November 1864.  The Union Army
had sent an advance guard and this position would be a camp for one of these groups.  We examined the area
for a week in June 1988. Metal detection devices and screening was used.  Civil War artifacts were found.

Artifacts Recovered:
1.        13 dropped .58 cal bullets
2.        1 US box plate
3.        cooking utensils
4.        1 pot (cast iron)
5.        4 eagle buttons US
6.        1 lead poker chip
7.        2 lead buttons

The artifacts were tagged and sent for analysis.  The site was determined to be a Union Camp.

1.        O.R. Records Washington D.C.
2.        Atlas of the Civil War
3.        Sherman’s Autobiography records of Blair