"Dr. William H. Peebles, 1837-1885"
                                      Bear Creek Station Georgia

Dr. William H. Peebles of Bear Creek Station (now Hampton) was elected as Surgeon
of the 44th Georgia Regiment CSA.  Dr. Peebles would soon become Colonel of the
Regiment.  He had left a good practice to join the Confederate Army from Henry County.  Dr.
Peebles was captured at Spotsylvania's Court House.  After his release
he returned home to Bear Creek Station.  He found a lot of waste and destruction throughout the
area.  Dr. Peebles would be involved in the incorporation of Bear Creek from Bear Creek Station on
August 23, 1872. He was one of the original Town Commissioners until elections could be held.  He
helped to rebuild the area during the
Reconstruction Period.  The next year in 1873, the town name would change to Hampton in honor of
General Wade Hampton the noted Confederate Hero.
Dr. Peebles was listed on the Town Directory of 1880 as a physician who would make
house calls in the area.  This is the last reference of him before his death in 1885.

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