"East Atlanta Road at Cotton-Indian Creek Site"

Our group studied a site that was discovered by some locals.  It is located on the
north side of the Big Cotton-Indian Creek on East Atlanta Road in "Old Stockbridge."
The site appeared to be a campsite on the north bank of the stream.  there was a lot of brush and
trees to navigate.  We went over the area in grid search patterns with metal detecting devices and
tagged spots located to be unearthed.  There were items such as fishing weights and hooks from today
found closer to the creek.  And some items from people dumping trash in the area.  Approximately 25
yards to the north of the bank of the creek is where we found the campsite.  The site is Confederate
due to the items recovered from the scene and from records of the period. This area would have been
where Confederate forces would have been camped waiting for the Union forces who were marching
SSE on the March to the Sea in November 1864.

Artifacts found:

1. 7 dropped .58 cal bullets
2. 5 dropped .69 cal balls
3. 1 broken cooking pot
4.2 knapsack buckles
5. 1 gun tool
6. 4 lead poker chips
7. 1 carved bullet
8.  l harp
9. 3 CS buttons
10. 1 flower button
11. 1 Confederate made knife


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2. Atlas of the Civil War