"East Atlanta Union Artillery Site"

In l980, a construction crew at the corner of Fayetteville Rd. and Alexander Ave.
just south of Glenwood Rd. in East Atlanta discovered some artifacts from the Civil
War.  Our group was asked to go and examine what had been discovered.  This location would be a
position of the Union Army during the Battle of Atlanta.  We examined
the site for one week in 1980.
The construction crew had unearthed 10 twelve pound cannon balls and a sword blade.
The area examined was an area of 100ft by 100ft.  The rest of the area was a paved area.  The site
had already been dug up and the soil was sifted by our group.  Metal detection devices and grid
mapping was used.

Artifacts List
1. 25 fired .58 cal bullets
2. 30 fired .69 cal balls
3. 2 U.S. Buckles
4. 1 broken U.S. Breastplate
5. 1 barrel .69 cal musket
6. fuses
7. 2 whole hotchkiss shells
8. 1 shenkel
9. 3--12pound solid shot
10. 2 picket pins
11. 1 pocket knife
12. l fragment leg bone
13. 1 broken flag topper
14. fragment gold spectacles
15. harmonica parts
16. 1 US bugle button

This site was catalogued, mapped, and artifacts shipped for later analysis.
The site was determined to be an artillery position.  And that heavy fighting
had occurred here. The site after examination was further developed as our time
had expired at the scene.

1. O.R. Records Washington DC
2. Official Atlas of the Civil War
3. Battle of Atlanta Records, Kurtz and Franklin.
4. Old City maps of period.