"East Milstead-Yellow River Site"

This site was studied by our team during a rest-bit from Lovejoy, GA.  The area was north of Boar
Tusk Rd. at the Yellow River.  This site was part of the camp for the advance guard of Sherman's
Left Wing as it was moving toward Covington.  The Union Army was in and around the Conyers
area.  This site was studied for 4 weeks.  The research and site work yielded some very good
artifacts.  Metal detecting devices and screen sifting methods were used at this site.  The site was
located on the south side of the Yellow River by the property owner.  Our team excavated the
following items:
1. 36 dropped .58 cal bullets
2. 15 dropped .69 cal bullets
3. 1 bayonet US
4. 1 US belt buckle
5. 1 US breast plate
6. 1 US flag topper
7. 1 barrel .36 cal pistol
8. 2 solid shot 12 pound cannon balls
9. 4 US Eagle buttons
10. 1 pocket knife
11. 2 1851 and 1852 dimes
12. 1 Jews harp

From the evidence, it appears that this camp had to leave suddenly, for these types
of objects to be left.  This site was from the Left Wing of Sherman's Army during the March to the

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