"Glen Haven Civil War Site in Dekalb County"
                                      Searches of 1966--1970

This site is located in the Glen Haven area of DeKalb County north of Covington
Hwy (Hwy 278) in a section known as Elizabeth Springs.  Elizabeth Springs is an area of old spring
houses dated 1857.
Beginning in the 1940's a gentleman built his home on a hill along the road known as Highland Place.  
He discovered trenches and Civil War Campsites belonging to the Union Army.  He had amassed
several hundred items from that period.  This is the area
where this author discovered his first Civil War artifacts from one of the trench lines.
The way these artifacts were discovered was from plowing the ground for raising crops.
We would walk the rows and look for anything that might be from the Civil War.  The gentleman who
lived up the road who began looking in the area in 1945 had an old World War II mine sweeper.  He
found a very large amount of artifacts with this unit.
He came and used it on the property we were looking at and found even more artifacts.
This gentleman was of great assistance and he taught us a great deal.  This area as researched was a
cavalry encampment in July 1864 during the Battle of Atlanta.  Then it was revisited again in
November 1864 by the Left  Wing of Sherman's March to the Sea. The area was a good source of
drinking water due to the Springs.  The gentleman who found the Civil War artifacts  is now deceased.
 I revisited the area in 1976 and was denied access to the spot where the trench and campsite was
The new owners did not wish for us to do any digging on their property.
This area of DeKalb County was once a part of Henry County until it was broken away as  a new


1. March to the Sea Marker, 1957 (Now Missing only pedestal remains.)
2. Mr. Fred Merritt, Long time property owner who discovered site in 1945.