"Campsite Found east of Fairview"

In the month of September 1992, a Civil War campsite was accidently found about
four miles east of the community of Fairview in Henry County.  The property was south of Fairview
Road beyond the intersection of Thurmond Road.  The property was the former Cates place.
While trying to find a propane gas leak the family found something from the Civil War.
Upon investigation there were six dropped .58 cal. bullets.  The existence of the camp showed also a
leaded ring, and four Union Eagle buttons.  The area was searched for several days encompassing
approx. 2 acres.  The only area where artifacts were found was in the 10 ft X 12 ft circular area where
the artifacts were discovered.
Upon further research it is likely this small Union encampment was from October 1864 when Union
foragers were in the area procuring corn.  These soldiers had entered the area from Flat Rock at the
South River.  The site is very small and it was by pure chance the site was even discovered.
It is likely that there are similar small camps such as this in the area because there were over 500
wagon loads of corn taken from the area and each  group had to camp somewhere.  It is possible that
other areas have been discovered but never reported.
With this type of foraging from the time it is not impossible for the small camps to be
left undetected.


1. Records of foraging Oct. 1864 from O.R. Washington, DC.