"Hwy 155 at Fairview Rd North side Site"

Our group was asked by the land owner to survey the property approximately one-half
of a mile north of where Fairview Rd intersects Hwy 155.  There was once a home in the field west of
Hwy 155.  The owner said that the property had yielded some Civil War artifacts.  Our group looked
in teams made up of 3 searchers each. We had three teams for this project.  Metal detecting devices
and grid searches were used.
The old house place was located approximately  one-quarter of a mile to the west of Hwy 155.  Just
north of where the home place stood one of our groups found some Civil War bullets on the fourth
day of searching.  We planned a grid search for this area.  The spot appeared to be from another
campsite from the area that was invaded by foragers in October 1864.  The site was a Union
Campsite and it yielded some artifacts.  We were at this property for three weeks and it was the only
area we could find a campsite on the land.

Examples of Artifacts found at this location:

1. 5 dropped .69 cal balls
2. 3 dropped Williams Cleaner bullets
3. 1 US Spoon
4. 1 pocket knife (period)
5. 1 US Eagle button
6. 10 dropped .58 cal bullets
7. 1 watch fob
8. 2 poker chips made from lead

All items were tagged and marked for shipment. The items indicated a campsite and no skirmishing
occurred at this site.

1. O.R. Washington DC.
2. Battle Creek  Library (archival records)
3. Atlanta Historical Society