Civil War Find in the Grant House
                                                                           Stockbridge, GA
                                                                               Circa 1965

There once stood a beautiful home on East Atlanta Road just north of North Henry Blvd on the west side
of the road.  This home was erected a here after being moved from Old Stockbridge to this new location
to be in the heart of the new town in 1881.  The home belonged to an early settler to the area Mr. Isaac W.
Grant b. 1813 d. 1898.  He was married to Sarah J. Grant b. 1813 d. 1889.  They moved the home with
the coming of the railroad.  Their son later lived in it he was Benjamin Grant b. 1842 d. 1890.  He was
married to Frances Grant b. 1842 d. 1920.
Mr. Benjamin Grant was in Co. B 2nd Georgia Cavalry Reserves in Cobb’ Legion formed in Fulton
County.  Organized in 1862 and mustered out in 1865.  Mr. Grant was a Private in the Cavalry Corps and
served by being in the Home Guard of the State of Georgia.  Later in about 1965 his great-great
grandson would find his cavalry sword in the attack of the old house.  He related this story to the Georgia
Historical Artifacts and Research Group in 1986.  That sword was a great find and a part of the history of
Stockbridge.  When the home was built a beautiful full length mural was painted on one of the interior
walls.  In later years, my brother-n-law would live in the house for a short time.  Then it was sold to be
made into our local funeral home.  This was Rainer-Carmichael Funeral Home and they took care of my
father when he passed away in 1997.  Then the home was used for a church for a short time.  The city
bought the home and had it torn down for part of the Urban Redevelopment of the city.  This was a great
loss to Stockbridge and Henry County because this home was part of the Old Stockbridge era and is now
lost forever except in photos and memories.

Meeting minutes of the GHAARG, 1986.
The Cemetery Research Group, Alfred Britt III
Watercolor painting by Mr. Pittman.
The Mother of Counties, Mrs. Rainer, 1971.