"Flakes Mill Rd-Clark Creek Union Campsite"

This campsite area was found just inside Henry County to the east of Flakes Mill Rd
in 1988.  The site was Union in nature and was likely a campsite of the foraging party to this area in
October 1864 under General Geary USA.   Along the creek bank was found Civil War artifacts from
the period.  Metal Detecting devices were used in a grid
search pattern along the creek which provided a source of fresh water for the men
and animals.  This area had been farmed since the war and many of the artifacts had
been disturbed.  There was four days of searching by our group and the artifacts recovered were
tagged and packaged for analysis later.
Aritfacts found:
1. 5 dropped .58 cal bullets
2. 3 dropped .69 cal balls
3. 1 knife blade US made
4. 1 Eagle button US
5. 1 fragment of cook pot
6. 1 Jews harp
7. 1 bullet mold
8. 1 gun tool
9. 1 kepi hook
10. knapsack hook
11. 1 US box plate
12. 1 US hat pin (very good condition)


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2. Official Civil War Atlas
3. Foraging  party Records 20th Corps