Flippen Road at Walt Stephens Road

The site was searched after Civil War relics were found on the site.  The area was being developed.  We went to
the site for three days and searched with metal detection devices and screen methods.  The site was uphill
above a good creek known as Reeves  Creek.

Artifacts Found:
1.        7 dropped .58 cal bullets
2.        4 dropped .36 cal bullets
3.        2 lead poker chips
4.        1 homemade CS  buckle
5.        1 very rusted cook pot
6.        2 picket pins
7.        1 pocket watch
8.        1 pocket knife
9.        1 large 1830 penny
10.         Several lead pieces

The site was determined to be a Confederate Camp likely part of the Orphan Brigade.

1.        O.R. Records Washington D.C.
2.        Atlas of the Civil War 1898.