General Kenner Garrard USA Back to Flat Rock

   General Kenner Garrard USA was not well liked by General Sherman USA but he used him
anyway.  General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick was perparing to make his raid on the south side of
Atlanta and to cut the rail lines of the Macon Railroad.  General Garrard was dispatched with his
men to Flat Rock once again which is in NE Henry
County at the South River on the evening of the 18th of August 1864.  General Joseph Wheeler
CSA had been sent to Tennessee to cut the lines of supply to General
Sherman USA in Atlanta.  General Garrard was to remain there at Flat Rock to give General
Kilpatrick an escape route after his raid.  He was sent to this area because he had previously
tended to the area during the McCook-Stoneman Raid a few weeks earlier.  General Kilpatrick
made his raid into Jonesboro, Lovejoy, and McDonough.
He skirmished heavily at Lovejoy Station and then his rear guard skirmished at Walnut Creek at the
Foster house.  He then proceeded from McDonough with some of his force moving NE up the
Peachstone Shoals Rd and the main body moving up the Old
Flat Rock Rd from McDonough to Flat Rock.  See Map.  After camping near the Walnut Creek
the next day they proceeded to Flat Rock to meet up with General Garrard.  The unit then moved
to Lithonia then back to near Buckhead to meet with
General Sherman.

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