"Hearn Rd. Site Near DeKalb County Line
                     Part of Flat Rock engagement  Survey 1990"

Our group was asked by a property owner along Hearn Rd. in extreme northern
Henry County where the engagement of Flat Rock occurred in July 1864.  The site
was searched for four days in late November 1990.  The area is just over a mile south of the junction
of the Snapfinger Creek (where CS Gen. Humes met the Union forces)
and the South River just in Henry County.
There were artifacts discovered at this site from the Civil War.  The pattern of sites located in the area
indicated a wide area of skirmishing with artillery fire also involved.
We have also found a site in the previous weeks east of this area along Hwy 155.
This area saw a good amount of skirmishing between the two forces for about
36 hours on and off.

The artifacts recovered are as follows:

1. 4 fired .58 cal bullets
2. 3 shell fragments
3. 2 fired .69 cal bullets
4. 2 fired .36 cal.


1. O. R. Washington DC
2. AHS Archives.