"The Following is a Series of Letters From General John Bell Hood
            Commanding the Confederate Forces at Lovejoy Station, GA and
             From Major-General William T. Sherman Commanding the U.S.
             Forces in Georgia  September 7, 1864 to September 14, 1864"


The following series of plates show in their own words how the evacuation of private citizens from
Atlanta via Rough and Ready to Lovejoy Station was accomplished. By
reading these letters of opposing commanders in the field will give a good glimpse into
the minds of the two Commanding Generals of the Atlanta Campaign. There are five
letters between the two leaders and one can see even in the line of battle the respect and contempt for
each of them toward one another.  Each General is trying to show
to the other their view of the actions of the war.
These letters were made possible by the Biography of Gen. W.T. Sherman who captured a moment in
history never to come again.