"Hudson Bridge Road at Flippen Road Site"
                                     Surveyed 1985

Our group surveyed the property on the south corner of Hudson Bridge Road at Flippen Road in
March 1985.  We searched this property for 4 days.  The property
owner told us that Civil War artifacts had been discovered over the years during farming the property.
We found the remains of a small encampment.  There were also the remains of a structure on the site.  
From research it showed that a very early Henry County church
possibly the Hopewell Church stood at this site.  An old barn had been built over part of the Civil War
site and permission was given to search inside the barn which had a dirt floor.  The site was
Confederate and was likely set-up sometime in October or early November 1864 in response to the
likelihood that General Sherman would move his army in this direction.  These were likely a group of
the Georgia Militia put on the roads to the south in anticipation of this move.
Our group also looked across the road to the west and across the intersection on the NW corner of
the Flippen Road for more signs of these soldiers.  We could find farm implements and other artifacts
that were not from the war.  The only area we could find artifacts from the war were at the above
described site.

Examples of Artifacts Found:
1. 4 dropped .69 cal balls
2. 2 dropped .58 cal bullets
3. 1 Jews harp
4. 2 lead poker chips (made from bullets)
5. 1 CS lead button
6. 1 carved bullet
7. Several farm implements (plow points, trace chains, pins , etc.)
8. Horse shoes
9. 12 lb maul
10. Old coins (1880 nickel, 1890 Indian head penny, 1899 quarter)

The artifacts were catalogued for future examination.


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