"James Creek Civil War Site"

This site was discussed by the property owner just SE of Old Conyers Road where it crosses James
Creek.  The area was wooded and part was being cleared for gardening.  The owner had found some
dropped .58 cal bullets.  They contacted our group and we went  to investigate.  The owner gave us
plenty of time to look.  We were on and off the site for two months due to other projects we were
involved with.  The area was along the James Creek on the NE bank.  There was no sign that the
area had been engaged in battle so it was determined to be a camp site.  This was likely  to be from
the foraging days of October 1864 when General Geary USA entered the  area to forage for food
and other supplies.  The area would be excellent for a supply of water for the men.  The camp site
yielded several artifacts from the Civil War Era.  Metal detecting devices and screens sifting was
Artifacts Recovered:
1. 15 dropped .58 cal bullets (probably a bag full)
2. 2 picket pins
3. Wagon hub ad tool (marked US)
4. 1 1840 large penny
5. 1 Eagle button
6. 1 knife and fork
7. canteen parts
8. 1 US box plate
9. 1 broken cooking pot
10. 6 pieces melted lead
11. 1 kepi hook
12. 2 gun parts (trigger and cylinder)

These artifacts were tagged , marked for mapping and shipped for further analysis.
The property was decided to be a Union Campsite and likely from the October 1864 foraging parties.

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2. Records of the Official Civil War Atlas
3. Gen. Geary's Reports.