Jodeco Rd at Noah's Ark Rd Site
                                                  Survey 1986

The land at the corner of Noah's Ark Rd and Jodeco Rd was examined in 1986 due to the landowner
finding Civil War Era Artifacts.  The area is along to the south of Jodeco Rd.  The area had been
farmed for many years prior to the search.  This area also was the scene of several small camps of
CSA soldiers in advance of General Howards Right Wing of Sherman's March to the Sea.  The site
would have been approximately two miles east of Lee's Mill.  This area was advanced upon by
Woods and Hazen's Divisions of Osterhaus' 15th Corps.  The site was examined with metal detection
devices and screening was done.  The location of the camp was two hundred feet south of the road.
The area examined was a 40 ft by 40 ft grid search and yielded a few artifacts from the period.

Arifacts found:
1. 4 dropped .58 cal bullets.
2. 2 dropped .69 cal balls.
3. 1 dropped Gardners bullet
4. 3 dropped Williams Cleaners bullets
5. 2 brass CS buttons (flower type)
6. 1 lump melted lead
7. 1 lead poker chip
8. 1 very decayed pocket knife

These items were tagged and prepared for shipment for further analysis.  The area
was determined to be a Confederate site (very small) and about 2 miles west of a previous
Confederate campsite which was also small.  This is in line with the plans
put forth by Gen. Joe Wheeler CSA in advance of Sherman.

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