"Johnston's River Line Survey 1987"

There were four sites along Johnston's River Line surveyed in 1987.  This area
is along the Chattahoochee River and Nickajack Creek. This area is at the Fulton
and Cobb County lines.

Site 1 (yellow site on map)- This site is south  of Old Buckhead Hwy and on the Fulton
County side of the river.  This site was surveyed for three days in February 1987.  There were
artifacts found here of the Civil War Period.  We used metal detecting devices and screen
sifting methods to recover artifacts.  The ground in this area was bottom land and in some
places marshy.
Artifacts List
1. 8 fired .69 cal balls
2. 10 fired .58 cal bullets
3. 2 fired Williams cleaner bullets
4. 8 shell fragments
5. 1 broken CS buckle
6. 1 kepi hook
7. barrel of Sharps rifle
8. bayonet blade

Site 2 (orange site on map)- This site is up on a hill along the north side of Bankhead Hwy near
Oakdale Rd.  This side is on the Cobb County side of the river and east of the creek.  Artifacts
were recovered from this rocky site using metal detecting devices and screen sifting methods.  
We searched here for two days. This site was surveyed in March 1987.  It was apparent that
earlier searchers had found valuable artifacts from this fight.
Artifacts List
1. 5 fired .58 Cal bullets
2. 10 fired .69 cal balls
3. 6 grape shot
4. 10 shell fragments
5. 1 US buckle
6. 1 US breastplate
7. 1 fuse
8. 6 dropped .58 cal bullets
9. 2 dropped .36 cal bullets
10. 1 Union name disc.

Site 3 (purple site on map)- This site is south of Bankhead Hwy off of Felker Rd in Cobb
County very near Nickajack Creek.  We surveyed this area for two days in March 1987.  This
site yielded a few artifacts from the Civil War period.  This area
is on the ridge between the creek and the river.  This area is very densely wooded and shows
signs of previous people digging in the area.
Artifacts List
1. 4 dropped .58 cal bullets
2. 2 shell fragments
3. 1 Union Eagle button
4. 1 fired Williams cleaner bullet
5. 1 canteen fragment

Site 4 (green on map)- This site is located on the Fulton County side of the river near
the junction of Sandy Creek and the Chattahoochee River. Our group surveryed here for two
days.  The area is low land and fertile soil.  We had to walk some distance from the Sandy
Creek Rd to get to the site.  There were several artifacts found at this site.  There was
evidence that others had been searching in the area as a broken metal detector rapped around
a tree was discovered.   Our group felt that some valuable artifacts had already been removed
from the site.

Artifacts List
1. 25 fired .58 cal bullets
2. 10 fired .69 cal balls
3. 5 dropped Williams cleaner bullets
4. 6 shell fragments
5. 3 CS buttons
6. 1 bayonet
7. 1 Jews Harp
8. 1 1858 half dollar
9. 1 Rossette
10. 2 eating utensils ( 1 fork, 1 knife)
11. 1 bullet mold
12. 2 grapeshot
13. 1 sword belt plate CS

This over all site survey of this area of four sites has yielded the fact that fighting took place
across the area.  It also brought the fact that there has been other people searching these areas
for some time.  The artifacts were catalogued and packaged for further analysis.

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