"Archaeological Surveys of the Jonesboro Site"
                                           The Gully
                                      Surveyed March 1986

Our group surveyed the gully as it is known.  The deep depression runs from the Flint River to
the west of Jonesboro to just east of Hwy 19 & 41  into the Jonesboro homes in and west of
the town.  The site we examined on this visit was the area east of Hwy 19 & 41.  Permission
was gained from the owner of the property.  The area is quite rugged and you have to be careful.
Several artifacts were pin pointed with metal detection devices.  This area is where General
S.D. Lee CSA had Anderson's Brigade facing General Logan USA on day one of the Battle of
Jonesboro.  Also, Gen. Cleburne took his troops right into the gully.
General Blair USA had his men move into this position to face Gen. Hardee's CSA's  men.  
Gen. Hardee was forced out of position because of miscommunications.  This was day two of
the Battle of Jonesboro. The artifacts were both Confederate and Union.  Grid searches and
screen sifting were used in this gully region.
                                            Update 1994

The area of this part of the gully has been filled-in to build some fast food restaurants.  This is a
shame to history and to those who fought and died in this hole in the ground.


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                          "Jonesboro Downtown Site Survey"

There is a site just south of the train depot across the west side of the railroad tracks that was
surveyed in September 1987 for three days by consent of the owner.  The site yielded a few
artifacts.  Mainly bullets from the Civil War period.  The site is located at the home of a private
citizen who has found several artifacts within their yard over the years.
Metal detecting devices and screen searches were done by a group of six.  Time was of the essence
because we were given only 36 hours in which to conduct this survey.
The area definitely saw action during the Battle of Jonesboro and would have been at the end of
Hardee's line.


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                       "Jonesboro Site West of Hwy 41"

In October 1987, our group searched the area west of Hwy 41 and south of Hwy 138 where the
gully was once.   The area has been heavily disturbed by the  development of houses over the past
thirty years.  We gained access to an area still pretty well intact from a local homeowner.  We
searched the site for two days.
We found some artifacts, but the area has been disturbed more than previously thought.
Metal detecting devices were used to point out spots in which to dig.  Screen searches were done.


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