"Latimer's Site"

The Latimer's site (now Belmont) at the intersection of Covington Hwy and Panola
Road is the area where General Kenner Garrard USA was pushed back to on July 30, 1864 from
Flat Rock by Confederate forces under General Joseph Wheeler's command.  Garrard's men
skirmished here with the CSA for a short time.  General Garrard returned his men back to Decatur
on July 31, 1864.
Our group surveyed this site for three days in 1987. We were using metal detecting devices  and
screen sifting methods.  We worked closely with the historical society for the area.  Some artifacts
were recovered from the site.
Artifacts list:
1. 10 fired .58 cal bullets
2. 1 pocket knife
3. 2 large pennies 1826 and 1835
4. 1 US Eagle button
5. 1 US cooking spoon
6. 1 stirrup US cavalry
7. 10 pieces of lead


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2. The Official Atlas of the Civil War