"The Lost Mountain Site"

This site was discovered by the property owner while gardening.  The area is west
of Lost Mountain and Kennesaw Mountain, south of Pickett's Mill, and east of New Hope Church.
The items found indicated that this was a site of overshots from the main action.  The heavy action
was east, west, and north of the area. The site was studied
for a week in 1988.  We used metal detecting devices and screen sifting methods.  The site was in
excellent condition for searching.  The soil was soft and fertile and most of the artifacts were
discovered with 6 to 8 inches of the surface.

Artifacts Found:
1. 5 fired .58 cal bullets
2. 8 grape shot
3. 15 shell fragments
4. 1 solid shot 12 pounder

The artifacts were tagged and catalogued and shipped for analysis.

1. O.R. Records Washington DC
2. Official Atlas of the Civil War
3. Battles and Leaders of the Civil War