"Jonesboro Road at Mill Road Civil War Site"

There was a small area of earthen works on the Mill Rd just south of Jonesboro Rd that were found in
the 1950's.  The site was looked at in 1974.  The site covered an area approximately 50 ft. X 50 ft. at
an angle facing the I-75 interchange.  Some artifacts were seen on the ground at the site.  These were
recovered and given to the person who led me to the site.
This site is likely  a deployment for the readying  for the March to the Sea in November  1864.  The
site was likely set-up by the Confederate forces in October 1864 in preparation for that event.  
General Joseph Wheeler CSA Cavalry Commander had issued orders to cover all roads south of
Atlanta to be ready for General Sherman if he moved in this direction.  With this being a route to
Lovejoy Station it is the reason this site would be chosen to try and slow any advance of the Union
forces to or from this area.
This area is also the mid point on the road west of McDonough before it splits at Walnut Creek to the
west.  Walnut Creek had already seen action by the rear guard of Gen. Kilpatrick's Cavalry where the
old Foster home stood at this junction.  The Confederates caught up to the Union force to attack its
rear guard in a short but costly
skirmish at Walnut Creek.  At Walnut Creek the road splits one moving NW to Jonesboro and the
other WSW to Fayetteville via Lovejoy Station.  So this would
make the reason the Mill Rd site was put at this particular location.
                                   Update 1993

While the flea market was being built across from the site some artifacts were discovered in the area of
the parking lot.  The site across Mill Rd had already been destroyed by development.


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