"The Confederate Monument on the
                                         McDonough Square

According to the written history the Charles T. Zachry Chapter of the United Daughters of the
Confederacy procured the funds for the Monument.  At that time
it was the main object of the organization to erect a monument to the memory of
the Confederate dead of Henry County.
The U.D.C. held all types of fund raisers.  Everything from special suppers to moving
pictures were used to find money for the project.  Col. Zachry's son, Greer Zachry, a resident of New
York sent $200 for the monument. The exact cost of the monument
is not known but it was created by the McNeal Marble Company.
The monument was set up on the square in 1910.  The dedication for the monument
was held on April 26, 1910 which is Confederate Memorial Day as snowflakes fell on that cold Spring
Below is the inscription found on the monument:

"To our Confederate soldiers those who fell in fiercest fighting and sleep beneath the
soil of every Southern State.  Those who have passed away in the after years of peace, and whose
ashes now hallow old Henry's hillsides.  Those who like a benediction still
limp in our midst.  May God preserve forever in our hearts their memory, and in all
minds a knowledge of their motives and their cause."


1. History of Henry Co. 1921, Mrs. Nolan.
2. The monument on the Square in McDonough.

Side note:  The Soldier standing on top of the base of the monument is facing toward
the grave of Col Charles T. Zachry who is buried in the McDonough Cemetery.