The Nail Brothers in the Civil War

The Nail Brothers were four men who were the sons of John Reuben Nail of Henry
County.  They were R.W.J Nail, F.J. Nail, B.W. Nail, and  P.H. Nail all of Co. H
GA. Vol. which was Col. Zachry’s unit.  All these brothers received the
Southern Cross  of Honor.
Each of these brothers went off to serve from Henry County and all returned to live
long lives here.  The four joined Colquitt’s Brigade at Camp Stephens near
Griffin, Ga.  They were in all the great battles of the war in Virginia and Maryland.  
They were at the Battle of Olustee,  Florida and in the final engagement of the war
at Bentonville, N.C.
They all suffered various wounds in the war, but were unhurt at the end.   R.W.J.
Nail the oldest, was  wounded twice.  First at Seven Pines and then at Petersburg.  F.
J. Nail was wounded and captured at Raleigh, N.C. but escaped.  B.W. Nail was one
of eight Confederates who succeeded in capturing an entire Federal Regiment.  R.W.
Nail would receive a wound to the wrist, but would still finish the war.
This shows a very good example of the quality of soldiers presented to the field of
battle by Henry County.  Their courage brought them home safely.


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