We here at the CRG and B&M Civil War Research Group  would like to thank
Mr. Larry Stanley for his hard work and also for providing us with the following
information about the Lovejoy Station Engagement of 1864.  He entitles it
Henry Borrows from Clayton's Heritage.  This is so true in all that has been
said and done over the past few years in the area.  Mr. Stanley went and did
the research after he was told by our senior researcher not to take his word
for what happened in the area, but to go and look for himself.  He did and was
amazed to find that what was being said by those at Henry County was
wrong.  We are greatful for him allowing us to have this information on our
website which will help to further bring the truth about the history of Henry
County to the public.

The Staff at the CRG and B&M
Henry Borrows from Clayton's Heritage #1 PDF
Henry Borrows from Clayton's Heritage #2 PDF