"Noah's Ark Road Site"
                                        Old Pittsburg

This site was discovered on the  Noah's Ark Rd near the county line and where the Old Lee's Mill Rd
crossed and headed toward Lovejoy Station.  The Noah's Ark Church is just west of this site. This is
the settlement of Pittsburg.  The Mount Pleasant Academy formed in 1837 was in this area.  The
Mount Pleasant Methodist Church was formed in 1849 and later became the Noah's Ark Methodist
Church in 1852.  There were two men Samuel Lee and William Lee who started Lee's Mill who were
in the trustee's of the Church which is still there today but on the Clayton  County side of the line.
The site where Civil War artifacts have been found are in the area near the county line.
Some have been located on both sides of Noah's Ark Rd.  This location is along the path General
Kilpatrick USA took to move on Lovejoy Station on August 20, 1864.
The Site yielded some nice artifacts likely dropped along the line of march.  No fired bullets were
recovered from this very  rocky terrain.  The area was searched with metal detecting devices and as
targets were found screening methods and grids were set up.
The items found will be listed in the finds and mapping section.  Our group was asked
by the landowner to search the property because his father over the years of farming had found some
items from the Civil War.
General Kilpatrick had just finished raiding Jonesboro when he moved out.  He was being  pursued
and threatened by General Sul Ross' CSA Texas Cavalry. They were
moving parallel to Kilpatrick.  General Kilpatrick moved his army east and then swung sharply
southwest on the Lee's Mill Rd which took him to the Dorsey Plantation just north of the Lovejoy


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