"North Shore Drive Site"
                                    Off Walt Stephens Rd.
                                          Survey 1981

A homeowner notified one of our group members about Civil War artifacts being found in their
yard at North Shore Drive on the north side of Lake Spivey in Clayton County.
Four of our group went and surveyed the homeowners property for two days.
The homeowner showed us several dropped bullets and a CS button. We used metal detection
devices to pin point targets and had to dig square points of lawn so as to protect the homeowners
We pin pointed a small area near the eastern part of the homeowners property where artifacts
were found.  It appears that this site was probably on the line of march to Jonesboro or was an
area of all back from Jonesboro.  In either case, the artifacts were not from a skirmish but of a
stopping point in the movement of the troops.