"Extreme NW Henry County March to the Sea
                                      Civil War Site  of November 1864
                                                Surveyed   1977"

This site was found between Anvil Block Road and where Fairview Road turns into Ward Lake
Road.  This is part of the engagement during the Civil War when the Union
Army was moving south and east on it's March to the Sea.  The landowners had for years been
finding artifacts from the Civil War.  The area was investigated by a group to see what types of
artifacts had been recovered and where the path led.
Our findings showed several fired bullets and several items from the period.  This is the area where the
4th and 5th Kentucky (part of the Orphan Brigade) met Gen. Blair's 17th Corps.  The area is along
the creek  just south and east of Ward's Lake today.
The area was searched for about two months and yielded an idea of the engagement
in the area.  This was part of the picket lines set up to slow the progress of the advance of the Union
Army in November 1864.


1. Archives, Atlanta Ga, 1977 (Research)
2. Civil War Maps of the Area.