"Old Atlanta Road North of Stockbridge"
                                                  Survey 1987

An area was discovered by a property owner about one quarter mile north of the Davis Rd
intersection with Old Atlanta Rd.  The site was a Civil War Site likely to be from the March to the
Sea.  The area was determined to be a campsite for the Union Army who would have camped here
during the March to the Sea in November 1864.  Many of these small campsites had been found in
the area.  The site was mapped and artifacts were found using metal detecting devices and screening
methods.  Our group was at the site for five days in 1987.

Artifacts found:
1. 8 .69 cal balls dropped
2. 10 .58 cal bullets dropped
3. 2 Williams cleaner bullets
4. 3 .36 cal. balls dropped
5. 1 Union breast plate
6. 1 US box plate
7. 1 bullet mold
8. 1 name disk
9. large cook spoon
10. 1 carved bullet
11. 1 skillet handle
12. 1 knife blade

These items were normal items found around a Civil War Era Campsite.  The items
were tagged, catalogued and packed for shipping.

1. The War of the Rebellion, Washington DC
2. Atlas of the Civil War.