"Old Dixie Hwy Site at Frontage Rd"

I was present observing and gathering research at a site at the corner of Frontage Rd
and Old Dixie Hwy before development took the site.  This area was part of the trench
line running from SW Atlanta southeast toward Morrow's Mill.  Part of the defense of Atlanta.  This
site was an artillery post.  Rotting timbers could still be seen in the earthen fortification.   One
gentleman had been using an old mine sweeping device in the search. There were many artifacts found
while this search was being conducted.
There were 12 people working on the site.  I was there to document the artifacts  being
unearthed.  This site would have been used for defending against the Union advance on Jonesboro on
August 31, 1864.  Artillery fire could be laid down on enemy troop movements to the SSW of this

The Artifacts Found:
1. 50 .69 cal balls
2. 10 12lb. solid shot
3. 12 inch bowie knife blade
4. 1 musket barrel
5. 1 CS buckle
6. 10 CS buttons
7. 25 .58 Cal bullets
8. 1 Jews Harp
9. 1 canteen remains
10. 2 digging tools
11. 2 1859 half dollars
12. eating utensils
13. cooking pot
14. bullet mold
15. lead
16. rings for black powder kegs
17. knap sack hooks
18. bayonet fragment
19. whole hotchkiss shell
20. Remains of harmonica
21. Pike head
22. Sword hilt

This site was destroyed by development.


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