Old Dixie Hwy Site 1986

Our group was asked to look at a site under construction along Old Hwy 41 just a few miles south of the Farmers
Market.  The site had been stirred around by construction equipment.  The area appeared to be in line with other
sites located in the area.  It did confirm it was Confederate.  Metal detection devices and screening was used by
part of our group.  Artifacts were of the Civil War period likely during the Campaign for Atlanta.  The area is also
located in Clayton County.

Artifacts found:
1.        27 dropped .58 cal bullets
2.        12 fired .58 cal bullets
3.        19 fired .69 cal balls
4.        1 CS buckle
5.        Knapsack hooks
6.        8” of a sword blade
7.        1 Jews harp
8.        14 shell fragments
9.        2 flower buttons
10.        5 lead pieces

The area showed that action had occurred here.  All artifacts were tagged and shipped for analysis and for
further research.  This area is likely a defensive position for the CS along a Union line of march.

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